Writer: Tataya Kudo

Tataya Kudo is a writer/photographer from Bangkok who loves photographing people, places and plates of food. Her interest includes slow travel, food and culture. Tataya currently makes Tokyo her home, where she spends her free time writing, blogging and exploring Japanese food and culture.

A Culinary Journey Through Nagano

Like all Japanese cuisine, Nagano foods are based upon using the most fresh and simple ingredients of the season. Typical dishes are made from what Nagano people find fresh and local at the markets making many of them very unique. Surrounded with Japan Alps, Nagano is known for the fresh produce from the mountains such as buckwheat, honey and wasabi (they even have a few bold meals like grasshoppers and bee larvae). During my last Nagano visit, I had a wonderful chance to try some of these specialties.

Everyday Bento

Bento is a meal in a box. The traditional Japanese bento usually consists of rice and fish or meat with some vegetable. It is one of Japan's most famous contributions to global food culture.

Koto Fireworks Festival 2015

It’s amazing how approximately 7,000 fireworks festivals are performed in Japan during its short summer. The festival is a beautiful summer tradition where local residents dressed up in colorful yukata (casual cotton kimono) and enjoyed the famous short-lived beauty with friends and family.

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