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Seasonal Things to Do in Japan

Seasonal Things to Do in Japan

Japan is a country that is proud of having its four seasons. It is also a country where temporary is a way of living. So, in order to enjoy fully each season without missing anything, let's see what are the seasonal things one can do or experience in Japan.

5 Must-do Summer Activities in Japan

Summer's here and for Japan, that means hot weather, exciting festivals, and fun cultural activities in every prefecture celebrated by all people young and old. With that said, Japan is the place to be this summer and here are 5 reasons why.

Enjoying the Four Seasons in Japan

Each prefecture in Japan may have their own uniqueness of how they enjoy each season, such as certain festivals in a particular prefecture, however, each season throughout the country promises joviality and exciting Japanese culture experiences travelers can't find anywhere else.

Kuzu Mochi

Beat the Heat: Five Must-Try Summer Desserts in Japan

Japan has been making desserts for centuries with unique and interesting creations based on readily available local ingredients such as rice and sweet beans. These desserts are designed not only to look good but taste great as well, helping you to cool down from the summer heat.

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