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Daio Wasabi Farm

Become a Wasabi Expert at the Daio Wasabi Farm

I spent years eating sushi and burning my nose before realizing I didn’t know much about this spicy little devil. Then I visited the Daio Wasabi Farm in central Nagano. Just a quick trip from the popular castle town of Matsumoto, Daio is a sprawling display of meticulous farming methods and pristine natural resources.

A Culinary Journey Through Nagano

Like all Japanese cuisine, Nagano foods are based upon using the most fresh and simple ingredients of the season. Typical dishes are made from what Nagano people find fresh and local at the markets making many of them very unique. Surrounded with Japan Alps, Nagano is known for the fresh produce from the mountains such as buckwheat, honey and wasabi (they even have a few bold meals like grasshoppers and bee larvae). During my last Nagano visit, I had a wonderful chance to try some of these specialties.

How to Be Genki

When I think of the word genki (元気), two images spring to mind. First, the swimmers splashing around Zushi Beach one cold January morning, not a wetsuit in sight. Second, the man striding past me—shoeless—up Mount Fuji. Genki desu (元気です).

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