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Lake Okama at Zao, Miyagi

Great Fishing & Cheese on Mount Zao

Zao is a complex volcano located on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures. During the summer season, it becomes a great place to explore and play. The mountain is a winter destination for most people, however, Zao is like other tourist attractions in Japan; you can visit the place enjoying its seasonal beauty throughout the year.

Gone Fishin' In The Heart of Tokyo

Fishing is deep-rooted in Japanese culture and fishing trips to the countryside are quite popular during the weekends and holidays, but for those living in the heart of Tokyo or for those who do not really want to have to go out of the city, Ichigaya Fishing Centre is an amazing alternative.

Inuyama Ukai Fishing

There are several reasons to visit the town of Inuyama in Aichi prefecture: the castle designated as the National Treasure, the Urakuen with its National Treasure teahouse and the nearby museum or theme parks like Meiji Mura and Little World. But for me the best reason to visit Inuyama, is to witness the Ukai fishing, a traditional fishing method using cormorants that apparently dates back some 1300 years.

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