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6 Amazing Volcanoes in Japan

There are no fewer than 110 active volcanoes in Japan, quite a number considering the country’s relatively small size. Although volcanoes can be extremely dangerous and are historically responsible for many deaths and damage to land, the existence of these mountains has also granted Japan many natural hot springs and some gorgeous scenery enjoyed by hikers, thrill seekers, and backpackers. Here is a list of six amazing volcanoes in Japan.

Rishiri Island: Paradise in Northern Hokkaido

Wakkanai is the northernmost city in Japan. About 20km from Wakkanai, in the Sea of Japan lies two small islands separated by a distance of 8km. Even relatively close, these two islands are drastically different from one another. If you are driving towards Wakkanai on the route 106 which runs along the Sea of Japan coast, you can enjoy a remarkable cone shaped volcano rising from the ocean.

Oshima: The Active Island

Home to an active volcano, stunning black sand beaches and a mystical volcanic ash field, Oshima is an unforgettable destination. Compared to the urban maze of people that is Tokyo, this island is almost alien in its indifference. Briefly known as 'Suicide Island' in the 1940s because of the high number of couples who took their lives by jumping into the volcanic crater below, Oshima has a strange reputation in popular culture.

Lake Okama at Zao, Miyagi

Great Fishing & Cheese on Mount Zao

Zao is a complex volcano located on the border of Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures. During the summer season, it becomes a great place to explore and play. The mountain is a winter destination for most people, however, Zao is like other tourist attractions in Japan; you can visit the place enjoying its seasonal beauty throughout the year.

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