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Zangi: The Fried Chicken Bursting with Flavor!

Fried chicken by any other name would taste as sweet … is not true. If you spend any amount of time in Japan, you will soon realize that different areas have different dialects and different words for things. Sometimes there is simply a different word for the same thing: kawaii (cute) in the rest of Japan is menkoi in Hokkaido, while sometimes the thing itself has changed. Fried chicken in Japanese is karaage whereas in Hokkaido it is called zangi.

Is Eating in Tokyo Expensive?

If you ask around, people would probably lament that the cost of living in Tokyo is high. This boils down to the question - with a limited budget, is enjoying Tokyo ever possible? One of my greatest joys when travelling is to indulge in good food. If your budget is not catered towards the high-end restaurants, is it still possible to enjoy a good meal in Tokyo?

Everyday Bento

Bento is a meal in a box. The traditional Japanese bento usually consists of rice and fish or meat with some vegetable. It is one of Japan's most famous contributions to global food culture.

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