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Best 5 Spots in Edogawa

Tokyo is a huge city. No one has any doubts about that. Within Tokyo there are many hidden areas just waiting for more people to visit them. Edogawa is one of those areas with lots to do and many places that will make your trip to Japan even more excellent. Here is a list of the 5 best places in Edogawa to visit.

An Excellent Day at Maruyama Zoo

To be honest, I didn’t like Maruyama Zoo when I first went there about 15 years ago. The enclosures were small and made of concrete and the animals seemed unhappy. But the zoo has changed and is still changing. There has been a large amount of construction work to enlarge the animal's space and to improve the viewing experience.

15 Things to Do in Western Tokyo

I live in Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis, but my home is in the western region. Most tourists focus their attention on the busier areas like Ginza, Akihabara, Shibuya, or Shinjuku, but do not know of the many exciting places in western Tokyo along the Keio Line. For your next Tokyo vacation, here is are my top 15 fun recommendations in western Tokyo. Enjoy!

Tracking Dinosaurs in Nagano

It is not unheard of to travel to Nagano to see the Snow Monkeys stewing in the local hot springs or onsen, or to head to Zenkouji temple, but the throng of dinosaur statues in the Dinosaur park leading up to the Chausuyama zoo may just have trumped the lot.

Nagasaki BioPark

Nagasaki is famous for many historical places; however, If you are looking for a place where you can visit with little children who are getting bored of history lessons, I really recommend you a zoo called Nagasaki Bio Park. It is the most amazing zoo that I have ever been to.

Okinawa Neo Park

This unusual zoo is located in the north part of Okinawa, Nago-shi. It is a really nice place to spend a few hours of the day during any season. Especially good for families and animal lovers!

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