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Trendy Cafes to Get Your Fix in Osaka

Osaka has seen a number of coffee shops pop up and locals are flocking to venues that deliver good quality coffee. The following cafes are a selection of unique venues that are perfect for meeting up with friends, taking Instagram photos, watching the world go by, or if you are just looking for your daily caffeine fix.

Matcha Magic!

Green tea is hugely popular not just in Japanese culture, but also Asian culture in general. Let's draw your attention specifically to matcha (pronounced mat-cha), a finely ground version harvested from a special crop.

Alice in Wonderland Café

Themed cafes in Tokyo are aplenty. On top of two quirky cafes that I visited previously, the Alice in Wonderland Café was another café that was on my to-visit list. There are numerous Alice in Wonderland themed cafes in Tokyo, showing the popularity of this concept.

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