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Tataya Kudo is a writer/photographer from Bangkok who loves photographing people, places and plates of food. Her interest includes slow travel, food and culture. Tataya currently makes Tokyo her home, where she spends her free time writing, blogging and exploring Japanese food and culture.

A Ride to Sendai and a Quick Guide to Bus Travel in Japan

Most visitors to Japan make a beeline for the famous sights-Tokyo Tower, Kiyomizu Temple, Matsushima, Osaka Castle, etc.- and make the most of their time by riding the world-renowned bullet trains yet I believe that the most memorable encounters can be found in this exuberant country while getting slow down, travelling by bus.

Sendai Tanabata

Tanabata Festivals are held in the summer throughout Japan. The date varies by region of the country, with the first festivals begin on July 7. The one in Sendai celebrating on August 7 annually is the largest representing Tohoku region, boasting 400-year tradition.

A Taste of Tottori

The raw crab legs sat on the mountain of crushed ice along with slices of fresh salmon and yellow tail. Dipping the crab sashimi in the soy sauce, it was soft, delicate yet bouncy. No wonder, it is a pride of Tottori prefecture.

Yanaka - Beauty in the Everyday Awaiting You

Yanaka is one of three neighborhoods along with Sendagi and Nezu that complete an area collectively referred to as 'Yanesen'. This neighborhood is one of the city’s shitamachi districts, a charming and traditional area where life goes on as it did a century ago. If you love tiny alleys, quiet streets, small shops and appreciate a historical charm, be sure to give this place a go.

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