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Seasonal Things to Do in Japan

Seasonal Things to Do in Japan

Japan is a country that is proud of having its four seasons. It is also a country where temporary is a way of living. So, in order to enjoy fully each season without missing anything, let's see what are the seasonal things one can do or experience in Japan.

Enjoying the Four Seasons in Japan

Each prefecture in Japan may have their own uniqueness of how they enjoy each season, such as certain festivals in a particular prefecture, however, each season throughout the country promises joviality and exciting Japanese culture experiences travelers can't find anywhere else.

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What Autumn Means to Japan

Even more than we’re familiar with, from season to season you will see a change in fashion, of the foods people eat, even the furniture around the house. Here, then, are some of the ways in which Autumn - or as the Japanese call it, ‘Aki’ (秋) - plays a role in the life of a Japanese person.

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