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Mt. Omoshiroyama – Wonderful Autumn Foliage Along the Yamadera Temple Trail

Yamadera is the most famous temple on the mountain in Yamagata prefecture, most tourists come to visit in every season but Autumn is arguably the most spectacular. Only some people know the exclusive trail that starts from Omoshiroyama Station which is a local train station near Yamadera station called Omoshiroyama-Kogen.

Lake Chuzenji

Nikko in Autumn: A Red and Yellow World Away from Tokyo

Light rain falls from the sky above the shrine and bridge, and suddenly my surroundings are enveloped by fog. The bright autumn foliage appears gloomier as everything gradually lose its visibility. But on other days the lake surface sparkles under the golden sunlight, and the sound of the waterfall is so soothing that it makes you want to stay as long as possible.

Kaiseki at the Japanese Alps

It is amazing how much the nature has to offer when you have the time, the energy and the wiling to connect with it. My recommendation: “Never waste those precious moments. Never”. Of course, after all these activities, I feel like I deserve the best of the meals. And here is where you get Kaiseki for dinner.

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