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Hello, everyone! I'm Julie and I’ve been living in Japan collectively for two years. In college, I studied at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka and graduated with a Bachelor in International Studies with a Concentration on Asia. Now, I’m working in Gifu prefecture as an ALT through a private company. I love traveling not only around Japan, but around the world as well. Other than traveling I enjoy writing, cooking, sewing and playing video games. If you have time, make sure to check out my twitter as well!

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Disneysea's Big Summer Anniversary

This summer, Tokyo Disneyland has three full events to keep any Disney fan busy! Disneyland and Disneysea are having their usual summer festivals, but this year Disneysea will also be celebrating its 15th anniversary! The summer festivals start July 9th and will run until August 31st whereas the Disneysea anniversary will last until March 17th 2017!

Board Game Shops in Japan

Japan offers a wide range of hobbies and activities for any age group. For those who are into board games, don’t worry, the Japanese kept in mind that hobby too.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

In Tokyo and hungry for a unique place that that serves delicious food but is unique? The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the perfect place to spend lunch or dinner! Located in Harajuku near Takeshi Street, the Kawaii Monster Café is a unique café offering great atmosphere and interesting food.

Kobe's Game Market 2016

This year’s spring Game Market was held in Kobe at the Port Liner’s Convention Center. On February 21st, board game and card game enthusiasts lined up early to get their hands on the newest and most popular games.

Airsoft in Japan

Currently living or visiting Japan and looking for something new and exciting? Already a fan of shooting sports such as paintball and air soft? How about trying air soft in Japan?

Christmas in Japan

Even though Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Japan, it’s extremely popular! As early as October, one can see Christmas decorations springing up in department stores! Beginning in November, Christmas music can be heard almost everywhere and advertisements for Christmas sweets and goods can be seen at malls and bakeries.

Halloween Sweets

Seven years ago, Halloween wasn’t really a big thing in Japan. One could see a few decorations here and there, but that was about it. Now, Halloween can be seen almost everywhere! From decorations, to parties, to sweet treats, Halloween has taken over October in Japan!


In the summer, Japan gets hot. With the high humidity and the lack of central air conditioning, it can feel several degrees hotter than it actually is.

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