Tokyo Disney Sea Summer Festival

Tokyo Disneyland’s Natsu Matsuri is a fun summer event that offers great fun for the summer! If visiting, make sure to also head over to Disney Sea as well, which has a special summer celebration! Tokyo Disneyland’s park has a Japanese summer festival theme, whereas Disney Sea has a more tropical theme focusing on fruit, fun and sun! The dates for both events are July 9th – August 31st. Both parks offer special shows, food, goods and decorations!

Disney Sea’s summer festival has two very different tropical themed shows throughout the day. The first show takes place on the lake in the center of Disney Sea three times a day is the Minnie’s Tropical Splash Show! The 20 minute show is completely done on the water with boats decorated in brightly colored fruits. In this show, there are special splash zones for people who are looking to cool off and get wet. Hoses on the boats allow characters to spray guests while dancers around the lake have buckets filled with water ready to drench observers. Splash zones are indicated on the park event map! For a less wet show visit Migel’s Eldorado Canteen for the second show Furuta Furuta Fiesta atmosphere show. A colorfully-dressed mariachi band plays summery music in the restaurant as guests dine on the special summer menu.






Since Disney Sea focuses on a tropical and fruity theme, many of their dishes include fresh fruits! The Deli Plate (New York Deli), the Tomato Rice dish (Yukatan Grill) and the Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice (Tropical Al’s) come with a fresh slice of pineapple! Migel’s Eldorado Canteen has a special set which includes the Mexican Plate (Spicy beef tortilla served with fresh lime, a soup and a drink). For something sweeter, head over to Sanbini Palace for the Orange and Sour Cream Mousse. With passion fruit jelly on top of an orange and sour cream mousse, this dessert is the definition of tropical. For a quick refreshing snack on the go, one can purchase Lychee and Grapefruit Crushed Ice (the ice isn’t really crushed, they are tiny cubes for easy snacking) for 310YEN. Disney Sea also offers alcoholic drinks (Disneyland does not sell alcohol). With a wide variety of cocktails it is hard to choose! Kiwi Mojito, Frozen Mango Cocktail, and Lychee are just few of the flavors for the summer, and all for 680YEN.


Many of the souvenirs from Disney Sea are bright, colorful and tropical! For example tote bags have a bright, colorful fruity pattern, towels are long and in shapes of bananas, and cookie tins are filled with fruity-flavored cookies or hard candies. Key chains with everyone’s favorite Disney characters are paired with tropical fruits are displayed in shops and windows.


Last but not least are the beautiful, tropical decorations that cover the park. Near the entrance are statues of characters made from fruit. Big, beautiful banners of characters and colorful fruits with “Summer Festival” inscribed on them. The display windows are filled with tropical fruits, merchandise and characters dressed in fun fruit-themed clothing! At the front of the park are big umbrellas over fruit table covers.





Tokyo Disney Sea is known for their peaceful, romantic atmosphere and delicious alcoholic beverages! Going during the summer festival adds unique, exciting and fun things to do along with delicious seaonal food to try! For more information, visit Tokyo Disney’s Official Website :

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