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Halloween Sweets

Seven years ago, Halloween wasn’t really a big thing in Japan. One could see a few decorations here and there, but that was about it. Now, Halloween can be seen almost everywhere! From decorations, to parties, to sweet treats, Halloween has taken over October in Japan!

Every year, Mister Donuts (a Japanese donut chain), has unique Halloween flavors and this year is no different. This year, Mister Donuts has a two-donut set which includes two creamed filled donut holes, each a different flavor. Like most Japanese cream, the cream filling is a fluffy, whipped cream. One set is pumpkin and cookie (a creamy vanilla filling with chocolate cookie pieces) and the other is sweet potato and cookie. Keep in mind that Japanese sweet potato is very different than the American sweet potato, so make sure to give it a try! Mister Donuts signature donut, the Pon De Ring has an added pumpkin flavor in celebration of Halloween. Pumpkin and double chocolate icing pumpkin shaped donuts are also now available and are quite delicious! Even the boxes and paper bags are dressed up in Halloween designs.

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Mister Donut isn’t the only place bringing fun Halloween flavors to treats. Baskin Robins 31 Flavors have some spooky but delicious ice cream flavors and colorful sundaes. 31 Flavors has three new flavors for Halloween this year: Ghost World (chocolate with marshmallow and chocolate chunks), Witches Trick (apple and grape swirl) and Pistachio Scream (pistachio and chocolate swirl). They also have super cute sundaes! Get one scoop of ice cream and have it dressed up to look like a ghost, cat or rabbit. For the ghost, a scoop of ice cream and a scoop of whip cream is covered in a sheet of mochi (sweet paste made from glutinous rice) to give it a ghostly appearance! The rabbit has cookies added for ears and the cat has small chocolate details to make up its face. These “Halloween Happy Dolls” are only 430YEN! The sundaes are 540YEN and include two scoops of ice cream in addition to chocolate, cookie and brownie decorations. The three available Halloween sundae flavors are chocolate party, pumpkin cheesecake and milky green tea. With any purchase, one gets to roll a dice in a special Halloween promotion! One can win masks, arm bands and even free ice cream! However, everyone who plays, whether they roll well or not, gets a consolation prize- a sheet of cute Halloween stickers!

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It’s not only the big-chain businesses that have Halloween flavors! Many small shop places have their own unique Halloween sweets and treats! With all these delicious flavors and desserts for Halloween, it’s hard to remember to not overdo it. However, Halloween does only come once a year! Make sure to take full advantage and try everything before they disappear!

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