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Kawaii Monster Cafe

In Tokyo and hungry for a unique place that that serves delicious food but is unique? The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the perfect place to spend lunch or dinner! Located in Harajuku near Takeshi Street, the Kawaii Monster Café is a unique café offering great atmosphere and interesting food. The café is more of a restaurant serving a variety of interesting food such as rainbow spaghetti, fries with multi-colored dipping sauce, crazy parfaits, colorful cakes and unique drinks. They even have unique menus for holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Alcoholic drinks are also available. For each drink order, one will receive a free cardboard drink coaster with the name and emblem of the café.

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Even though the food is good, that isn’t the main reason to visit the Kawaii Monster Café! The atmosphere itself is well worth the money! The café has four rooms, the Milk Stand, Mushroom Disco, Bar Experiment and Mel-Tea Room. Before entering the café, one chooses which room they would like to dine in using a computer right outside the door. Each room is unique but equally colorful and crazy! The Milk Stand has colorful booths with decorative animal heads hanging from above drinking milk from baby bottles with tubes.  The Mushroom Disco room is directly connected to the Milk Stand and allows guests to sit in comfortable booths or tables under giant colorful mushrooms. It looks as if it is from a disco Alice in Wonderland! The Bar Experiment is a bar surrounded by mysterious jellyfish lights. The last room is the Mel-Tea Room, a room brightly painted with yellows, pinks and teals.  It features decorations such as melting ice cream, macaroons, big strawberries with forks sticking out of them and a giant pair of lips on the back wall.  All these rooms are connected around the  Sweets Go Round in the center, a merry-go-round cake with a big rabbit, banana, cherry and unicorn. The Sweets Go Round can be seen by everyone who goes into the café, since it is the first thing one sees when entering! With the giant moving Sweets Go Round and the fast-paced music, entering the café is an experience all in itself!

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Every so often there is a short live show, where the Monster Girls (models dressed in crazy outfits) perform on top of the merry-go-round by dancing, riding on the oversized animals and fruits, and posing. Afterwards, there is a photo opportunity with the monster girls in front of the merry-go-round.  This has probably been the most fun I’ve had in a themed-café (not including the animal cafes). With the crazy colors, food, music and no time limit, one gets a feeling of both excitement and relaxation. Some cafes make their guests feel rushed, having only an hour or less.  After the meal, a complimentary postcard and stamp card will be given to each guest. The stamp card has the name of each room and each time one visits (and eats in a different room) they will receive a stamp! I wonder what happens when each room is stamped! A free gift maybe?

Roxanne Ready on Flickr

If you want more information on the Kawaii Monster Café, make sure to check out my Youtube video and the official website! Links are provided below!

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