Christmas Celebrations at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland always celebrates holidays, and the Christmas holiday is no exception! Tokyo Disney’s Christmas celebrations were from November 1st to December 25th. As usual, the amusement park offers special events, goods and menus only available during these times. This article will cover all the exciting things that were available for Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy!

This year, Tokyo Disneyland’s theme was Storybook Christmas and the park’s decorations definitely did not disappoint. Big displays resembling pop-up books were scattered throughout the park. Banners looking like pages torn from books hung on poles around Cinderella’s Castle. Probably the grandest decoration, however, was the giant Christmas tree in the center of Main Street! It was so tall, that it almost reached the covering of Main Street. The shop windows were decorated with cookie-shaped characters, candy canes and souvenirs. Even some of the rides showed holiday spirit! The Haunted Mansion was converted to a Nightmare Before Christmas theme! Even the popular Monster Inc’s Hide and Go Seek ride featured lovable Roz wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas” at the end.




Tokyo Disney’s parks have some of the tastiest amusement park food available! The Christmas menu at Disneyland is no different! This year the park offered special Olaf-shaped cookies, turkey sandwiches and delicious pistachio-white chocolate mousse. The turkey sandwich came with a special Christmas bag if ordered in a set! The newest food served at the Christmas Fantasy was eggnog. The eggnog came with a special collector’s spoon. However, this isn’t like western eggnog. It was served hot and had chunks of vegetables in it. Popular popcorn flavors returned to the park as well such as white and milk chocolate! Probably the most delicious new snack food was Chip and Dale’s Double Pie! It’s shaped like a peanut and had minced meat on one side and a sweet nut filling in the other. It might sound strange but it’s uniquely delicious! Strawberry and Chocolate churros also returned to the menu for the holidays!



Probably the most exciting of the Christmas festivities are the parades and shows. This year, there were four Christmas performances. The Disney Christmas Stories Parade was shown only two times in a day, making each parade popular and crowded! People were claiming spaces an hour before each show. The Disney Christmas Stories parade had 5 main floats which stopped halfway through the parade to have performers dance and sing for the crowd. Before the parade, staff members taught the crowd a choreographed dance and cheer that they can do along with the music and dancers. The Country Bears perform a Christmas show and there is a musical shown in front of Cinderella’s castle. Each day concluded with the Star Bright Christmas Firework Show!


For many Disney enthusiasts, the goods are the most exciting part of each special Tokyo Disney celebration! Cookies tins filled the shops and Christmas teacups and stuffed animals lined the shelves. Many of the popular goods were sold out by the evening of Christmas Eve. Hats and sweaters with Olaf, Mickey, Minnie and Christmas cookies printed on them helped keep visitors warm. Fancy Christmas teacups and plates were also available for those who like fine china.


Next Christmas, try giving Tokyo Disney a try! It’ll fill anyone with Christmas spirit and cheer! Make sure to check out this video to get a better idea of the fun in store:

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