DisneySea's Halloween Celebration

This year, Disneysea’s annual Halloween celebration takes place September 8th – November 1st! This year, Disneysea’s theme is focused around villains! Disney’s most notorious villains take center stage and take over shows, merchandise and even the menu! Everyone’s favorite Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald dress up like villains to join in the celebration!


When entering Disneysea, it is evident that the villains have taken control! With banners depicting villains hanging from the walls, and wall scrolls that slowly change appearance when one walks by, the feeling of Halloween is truly present. Shop windows display portraits of villains with spooky merchandise! Streetlamps around the Mediterranean Harbor each have a banner with a villain and their evil sidekicks. In the American Waterfront, a big stained glass display is available as a great photo spot! Each stained glass window shows off two villains from classic Disney movies. This is beautifully displayed with carved pumpkins and is best seen lit up at night! In the Arabian Coast, Jafar from Aladdin has taken over with his own banners and decorations!



It’s not only the decorations that bring the park to life, but the Halloween entertainment! The main show, Villains World, is shown three times a day at the Mediterranean Harbor. This performance introduces all the villains sailing on their ships around the harbor as their trusted followers dance around on the four stages. These stages allow the audience to be up close and personal with the performers! Each performer’s costume is based off of certain villain’s style. These costumes are impressive and have a high-fashion quality! Make sure to find a place early, for this show is very popular! People start seating as early as two hours before the show. At 8:30 pm, the Night Halloween Firework Show begins. This show can be seen almost anywhere in the park. Fireworks and music are put together to tell a story of Halloween, villains and of course, Mickey and his friends! For the best viewing area stay close to the Mediterranean Harbor, the center of the park.








As usual, the holiday-themed food does not disappoint! This year, Disneysea has many dishes, sweets and drinks inspired by the famous villains! New York Deli’s chicken potato salad sandwich is inspired by Captain Hook from Peter Pan. The sandwich bread is bright red and is held together by a yellow toothpick sword. It comes with an octopus marinated side and fries with a nacho cheese sauce. The New York Deli also has a pumpkin tart that comes with a collectible Halloween plate for 720YEN. This is not like an American pumpkin pie however. It’s less sweet and has a dense crumb cake like texture. Zambini Brothers’ Restaurant has an apple mousse inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White. The mousse is light, fluffy and has a taste of apple and berry. It can come with a collectible mug for 720YEN or be purchased by itself for only 340YEN. Zambini Brothers’ features a basil seed cocktail, an alcoholic drink inspired by Hades from Hercules! The blue cocktail has an eerie red-like glow at the bottom! Don’t forget to try all the fall flavored goodies like the pumpkin churro and the black kuiniman (a donut-like dessert filled with a sweet potato cream).





As any holiday event at Tokyo Disney, limited edition souvenirs are available all around the park! This year, the goods have three themes: vampires, pumpkins and villains! Though the pumpkin and vampire goods are available in both parks, only the villain goods are available at Disneysea! Stuffed animals, cookie tins, pens, towels, cups, plates and many other souvenirs are all available.


Tokyo Disney always makes sure to bring excitement, entertainment and enjoyment to each of its holiday events! Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea’s Halloween celebrations are no different. For a wickedly good time, join the villains in Disneysea. Or for a more family fall festival feel, hop on over to Disneyland!


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