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How Japan Deals With It's Trash

So, in light of this recent trash crisis, the young people of this generation must have self-awareness to not litter and obey the rules especially about trash to mitigate it. Japan is working on ways to control and mitigate it's waste through strict measures and trash control policies.

5 Reasons to Travel in Japan by Rental Car

My friends and relatives visiting Japan always ask me this one question before visiting: should I rent a car? It really depends on which part of Japan you are visiting, but in general, unless you are visiting a major city like Tokyo and Osaka and planning to stay in the city throughout your trip, there are many benefits to having a car to travel in when you are here.

Unique Laws in Japan

Every country has laws. Some make sense, some don't, and some are peculiar to the country that inhabits them. Japan is a nation of laws and highly respects them but here we present a few unique ones to look out for.

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