20th Annual Pokemon Card Event in Nagoya, Japan

To see everything that happened first-hand, check out this video.

Sunday October 23rd was the 20th anniversary Pokemon Card Game Event in Nagoya, Japan! Held at Fukiage Hall, Pokemon fans of all ages gathered to play the Pokemon card game and enjoy the various activities.  Doors opened at 9:00 a.m., but the line to get in started as early as 6:00 a.m.! Why? Because upon entering the event, each person got a free event-only 20th anniversary Pokemon Card Game Event card (not to mention that the event itself was free)! The card featured Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander in a beautiful holographic design.

Once you got the card and entered, there were a variety of activities provided.  The main event was, of course, the card game tournaments. There were three separate card game tournaments to choose from: The main division (using the current Pokemon cards), the classic division (using the first generation of Pokemon cards only) and the girls-only division (for girls only). The main division was the most popular, with over 30 tables being used! In addition to just playing the card games, players could collect points on a point card by participating and winning matches. After a certain amount of points, players could receive exclusive cards!


For those who didn’t bring their cards or wanted to participate in the tournaments, could keep busy by doing the card game museum quiz, watching or participating in the live on-stage game shows, play the Pokemon Sun and Moon demos, visit the special goods corner, or cuddle with some adorable mascot Pikachus! The card game museum quiz was a quiz consisting of four questions in which the answers could be found in big card display cases which displayed cards from previous generations. Once the quiz was completed, it could be turned in for an exclusive sticker (designed by one of the original Pokemon card artists)! You didn’t even need to get all the questions right! That’s my kind of quiz!


Many attendees, before doing anything else, got in the line for the special goods. The most popular merchandise was the event-exclusive card sleeves! Three designs were available (the forest, the fossil and Team Rocket) for around ¥800 and were limited to 6 packs per person. Other merchandise was sold as well such as card packs and card cases. All throughout the day were game shows onstage which were shown on the big TV screen over the stage. One of the main shows was the quiz show, where contestants could win prizes by answering questions correctly in teams of two. When a show wasn’t going on onstage, the television showed the Sun and Moon game trailers and a tutorial on how to play the card games. Throughout the day, big Pikachu mascots walked around to interact with the attendees. They made for adorable photo opportunities! The only downside to the event was the lack of options for food and drinks. There were only two vending machines for drinks in the venue. No food trucks or food stalls. Luckily, the event was free to attend, so you could come and go from the venue as you pleased.


There will be many more Pokemon Card Game events in the future, so keep an eye out! For more information check the official card game event homepage!

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