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Airsoft in Japan

Currently living or visiting Japan and looking for something new and exciting? Already a fan of shooting sports such as paintball and air soft? How about trying air soft in Japan?


For those who aren’t familiar with air soft, it’s a sport much like paintball. Instead of paintball, one shoots bee bees using air or electric toy guns. This hobby has quite a following in Japan and there are many places to play! These places are opened to everyone at any skill level! There are many different types of air soft places too! Some are outside in fenced-in play areas with makeshift buildings and old cars which give a war-zone feel. Others are outside in forests or mountain areas. One can even find indoor air soft places for cold or rainy days. Prices vary, but are usually around 2000 to 3000 yen. Most places offer discounts for women. Ages are eighteen and up. What is great about these places are that they are open to anyone whether they are beginners or experts. Most air soft fields offer armor, face protection and air soft funs guns for rent, so beginners can easily join a game without any beforehand purchases.


Air soft games are usually an all-day event. They start around 9 am and go until 4 or 4:30 pm. There is an hour lunch around noon. Some air soft fields offer bento (Japanese lunch boxes) and instant ramen for purchase. Within a day, there are several types of rounds, for example, semi-auto, handguns only or full-auto. The last game of a given day is usually “anything goes”. In the morning before any games are played, the staff will divide everyone into teams. There are usually three teams and they are marked with colored tape which is wrapped on arms and put onto backs to help tell teams apart.


So how does a usual game of air soft go?

It’s quite simple! Shoot the other team members and try not to get hit! If someone is hit, they will raise their hands over their head, yell “HIT” and head back to the home base of that team to count their death (using a click counter). Sometimes the round is “no respawn”, which means once someone is hit, they have to leave that round. It is quite common for air soft fields to have one or two cameraman who go around and snap pictures of players in action!


For those feeling extra adventurous there are also games held at night. Most air soft places will also have special events for holidays. For example C.R.A (Combat Ready Aichi) had an all night Halloween Event. Those who are interested in giving air soft a try, make sure to sign up for a game in advance. Space is limited. One can sign up by going online. Most air soft places have a website to do this! Here are some air soft places worth trying!

Combat Ready Aichi – Aichi Prefecture

Bunker – Gifu Prefecture (Indoors)

Headquarters – Gifu Prefecture

Sabage Park – Tokyo

CQB Limited – Osaka City

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