Disneysea's Big Summer Anniversary

This summer, Tokyo Disneyland has three full events to keep any Disney fan busy! Disneyland and Disneysea are having their usual summer festivals, but this year Disneysea will also be celebrating its 15th anniversary! The summer festivals start July 9th and will run until August 31st whereas the Disneysea anniversary will last until March 17th 2017!


Tokyo Disneyland is doing the “traditional” Japanese take on summer festivals again this year with its natsu maturi events. This year, everyone’s favorite characters are split into four teams and will battle it out during the parade, as they move around the center of Disneyland on floats spraying people with squirt guns and hoses. The parade will only happen two or three times a day, so make sure to catch it! Along with the summer parade, trying the special summer menu is highly recommended! Each team has a special menu item that isn’t available at any other time! For example, a ratatouille wrap, a tomato olive hotdog, spicy chicken vegetable pizza and a deep fried miso pork (tonkatsu in Japanese) burger. All these have a unique, strong flavor that won’t disappoint! My favorite part of the summer menu, however, is the large selection of shaved ice! Shaved ice is something Disneyland does only during the summer! This year, the shaved ice flavors are strawberry milk, tangerine, grape and muscat, and green tea and red bean (my personal favorite). Most shaved ice is only ¥380! ¥720 to ¥880 if purchased with a souvenir cup! You can also get a scoop of ice cream on top for an extra ¥100. There are plenty of souvenirs as well! The souvenirs include items such as shirts, cookie tins, towels, hats and much more! All the shops in front of the park will have these items for sale.


Ratatouille wrap


Spicy chicken vegetable pizza


Shaved ice

Disneysea has their usual fruit-themed summer festival, but this year there are very little special menus or goods for the event. Most of the menus in Disneysea are related to the 15th anniversary celebration. Unique to the summer event, however, is the ramune candy that comes with cute Mickey head-shaped watermelon or pineapple candy cases. Also there is a shaved ice that you can’t get at Disneyland, and that is the pineapple raspberry! It has raspberry syrup on the bottom, with passion fruit jelly and a pineapple slice on top! In addition, there are six new cocktails to try! The Kiwi Mojito has a wonderful taste of kiwi with a slight bite of mint and the guava pomegranate beer cocktail is perfect for those who don’t care for the traditional beer flavor. This summer event also has a show which happens on the lake in the middle of Disneysea twice a day! Minnie, Daisy and Clarice float around on giant fruits to tropical music while the dancers around them splash the audience! Fruit-themed goods such as headbands, towels, cushions and key chains are available as well.



Even though the summer festival is as fun as last year’s, this year it is outshined by the 15th Anniversary Celebration. The first thing seen when entering Disneysea is a giant airship with Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang setting sail into the sky! The 15th anniversary’s theme is the “Year of Wishes”.


Each character has a specific colored crystal that stands for something. Mickey is the white crystal, making wishes come true. Minnie is the red crystal which stands for love. Chip and Dale is the yellow crystal which stands for fun. Donald is the blue crystal which stands for friends, Daisy is purple which stands for joy, Goofy is green which stands for energy and Pluto is the orange crystal which stands for smiles. All around Disneysea are big monuments with the characters and their specific crystal color. At these monuments, one can either use a wand which can be purchased in the park or their hands to light-up the monument! There are 6 of these all around Disneysea!


The 15th anniversary’s special menu is focused on specific characters, so it is recommended to try your favorite character’s signature meal! Mickey and Donald have a full-set meal that comes with a drink and a dessert, while Minnie and Daisy each have their own special sandwich. Goofy has some Chinese dumplings and Chip and Dale have their own cake slices. Goods for the event are available, of course, along with a new popcorn bucket!

With all three events in full swing, each offering new and exciting activities, food and goods, it is sure that no one will be bored!


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