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Harajuku Sweets That Can't Be Beat

Harajuku, located in the heart of the shopping district of Shibuya, is known internationally for its extravagant outfits, and its great shopping. Since it has become an epicenter for young Japanese people and international travellers, many eateries have also started to sell different types of food on the streets of Harajuku. While you are shopping and looking at the interesting clothes and souvenirs you can also find some great sweets to eat while you stroll.

Kawaii Monster Cafe

In Tokyo and hungry for a unique place that that serves delicious food but is unique? The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the perfect place to spend lunch or dinner! Located in Harajuku near Takeshi Street, the Kawaii Monster Café is a unique café offering great atmosphere and interesting food.

Alice in Wonderland Café

Themed cafes in Tokyo are aplenty. On top of two quirky cafes that I visited previously, the Alice in Wonderland Café was another café that was on my to-visit list. There are numerous Alice in Wonderland themed cafes in Tokyo, showing the popularity of this concept.

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