Enjoying a Private Onsen in Western Tokyo at Manyo no Yu

Onsen, the popular hot spring baths, are something very typical for Japan. Finding an onsen inside Tokyo is already difficult sometimes, but if you are looking for a private bath, which you can use all by yourself, it is getting nearly impossible. But there is a solution in the Western part of Japan’s capital called Manyo no Yu Tokyo Yugawara Onsen (万葉の湯東京・湯河原温泉). Today, I want to take you on a trip there.

Manyo no Yu is an onsen resort chain which has locations all over Japan and is well-known by Japanese people. In Japan’s metropolitan area you can find it in Machida (Tokyo), Sakuragicho (Yokohama) and Hadano, but we want to talk only about the first one here.

It is easy to access by public transport from Shinjuku station with the Odakyu line. The express train takes you to Machida station within about 30 minutes and from there a free shuttle bus is operating between the onsen resort. Another alternative is taking the Den-en-toshi line from Shibuya and getting in the free shuttle at Minami-Machida Granberry Park.

Onsen at Manyo no Yu Machida

Manyo no Yu has seven different public onsen to offer which are separated by gender. Some are inside the building, some are outside. The baths have different depths, so in some of them you can sit down, in others you can lay down to relax. These are also good to use with smaller children, so that they can easily stand inside. Outside at the rooftop you can find an ashiyu, foot bath, which you can enjoy wearing the yukata of the resort.

Surely, Machida is no onsen area and doesn’t have its own hot spring. The water is delivered every day from Yugawara, a town in Western Kanagawa prefecture and this already has a long history. The hot spring water from Yugawara was brought to Edo (present-day Tokyo) as gift to the shogun back then. There is even a local festival practiced remembering this event.

Time for Private Onsen

But the actual reason why we are here are the private onsen!

Manyo no Yu in Machida has three private onsen which you can book for one hour at a rate of 2500 yen + tax. This is especially recommended for couples and families who want to spend some time together. These private onsen are inside separate rooms on the 8th floor so nobody can see you. Depending on which season and weekday you want to go, it is better to book it before your visit there via telephone. But if they are vacant you can reserve your time slot at the reception.

However, it can even get better. Next to the private onsen Manyo no Yu has three hotel rooms with private onsen, too – and these are even outside! So you can enjoy an overnight stay and can jump inside the tub with hot spring water as often as you like without any other people and can enjoy the fresh air around you. The overnight-stay is a bit pricy, but still worth this unique experience inside the Tokyo area.

Another point not to miss: tattoos are not allowed at Manyo no Yu! But if you are fine using only the private onsen and skipping the public ones, you still can enter when it is possible to hide the ink on your skin with your clothes while you are outside of your room.

Enjoying the Food and Other Highlights

Shabu shabu dinner

At a resort for sure you have some nice possibilities to have good food. Manyo no Yu in Machida has a huge open food area where you can order food 24 hours a day. The menu is a mix of mostly Japanese but also Western style, but you surely will find something that you like. In the morning they offer a breakfast buffet. Furthermore they have a Japanese style restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious Shabu Shabu dinner and dessert. 


Some other highlights Manyo no Yu in Machida is offering are a manga library, a small game center and playing area for kids such as a shop for souvenirs and seasonal products. Also try out the rock bath for 800 yen if you have the chance.

When you are looking for an onsen resort in the metropolitan area, take a look to Manyo no Yu in Machida and enjoy a relaxing time there.

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