Writer: Alfie Blincowe

Alfie Blincowe is a writer and filmmaker from the North East of England currently living in Yamaguchi. He spends all the time he can working on different creative projects that you can see here

The Wonderful World of Local Gachapon

Massively popular toy dispensing capsule machines known as “Gachapon” can be found all around Japan. Named onomatopoeically “gacha” represents the sound that the machine makes when you put a coin in and twist the handle, and “pon” represents the noise of a little plastic ball falling out.

15 Things to Do in Ehime

Tucked away below Japan’s main island of Honshu, Shikoku Island is home to four prefectures, all known for being more rural and traditional. Being disconnected from the main island of Japan has its advantages though, the island is packed full of authentically Japanese spots to visit. Ehime is the most recognizable of Shikoku, with sights linking it to the famous studio Ghibli, and the Japanese royal family.

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