Writer: Marina Lizio

Marina moved from Sicily to Japan in 2006, now living and working in Yokohama area.

Her primary occupation is research, deciphering the genetic code, but she's also a tailor, a cook (she teaches, too!), a blogger, a salsa dancer a yogi-wannabe.

Whenever she misses her island, she runs away to Izu or Okinawa, or simply embarks on a trip to a new destination in and out Japan, in order to both satiate her hunger of new cultures and traditions, and recharge the batteries.

One-Thousand-Year-Old Performance Art: Rakugo Comedy Show

A rakugo (落語) show is essentially an equivalent of the Western one-man comedy show, where a guy tells humorous stories to the audience. But rakugo is much more than just stand-up comedy! The rakugoka–this is what the rakugo performer is called–is basically a mix of an actor, a storyteller and a comedian who can tell jokes and make facial expressions.

Onomichi: The Town of Trade and Literature

Rich merchants here in Onomichi built temple after temple around the hills facing the sea, and by doing so created a place that attracted artists and writers, as its picturesque beauty was beyond belief. Traces of and references to all artists and poets who have been inspired by the town can be found all around the city, in the form of carved rocks, statues, famous writers' feet moulds, museums, residences.

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