Natural Lawson Convenience Store – Is It Really Natural?

You probably know the big three Japanese convenience store chains Seven Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson. But did you also know that there is a variation of Lawson called Natural Lawson?

What is Different About Natural Lawson?

Photo by Shwangtianyuan on Wikimedia Commons.

The naming might be a little misleading as most products in a Natural Lawson are not natural. In general, you can find mostly processed food as in other convenience stores. However, there usually is a corner for fresh vegetables and fruits you can find in such corners at regular Lawsons at well.

The main difference is that Natural Lawson is focusing on health-conscious people or people with special eating requirements. It was originally intended to cater to working women, however nowadays health-conscious men enjoy the offering as well.

Furthermore, Natural Lawsons tend to have a larger selection when it comes to cosmetic products and over the counter medicine compared to regular convenience stores.

In general, products at Natural Lawson tend to be a little pricier than products at a regular Lawson. In the following, I would like to showcase what kind of products you can find at Natural Lawson.

Low-carb and High-protein Options

In most convenience stores it is not easy to find low-carb products. Natural Lawson has a whole series of bread options that are low-carb. They come in a packaging that lets you check the carb content on a single glance without having to lock at the backside of the package.

Natural Lawson also has a larger variety when it comes to protein bars. In most convenience stores you can find the standard selection of Japanese products but at Natural Lawson you can also find imported protein bars with different flavours. As import products, they are a little more expensive but can be a nice change if you got bored with the standard products.

Meatless Options and Gluten-free Options

Whereas it is close to impossible to find meat substitute products for vegetarians or vegans in a regular convenience store and still pretty difficult to find such products in Japanese supermarkets Natural Lawson offers several meatless products.

Gluten-free is also a concept that has not yet spread very widely in Japan. Whereas nowadays you can find certain gluten-free foods in some supermarkets, the options are still quite limited. As Natural Lawson carries more imported food you can find a wider selection of gluten-free products.

Limited Natural Lawson Products

When it comes to Lawson original products, you can find a lot of products you would also find in a regular Lawson, however, there are some items that are limited to Natural Lawson like this Lemon Grass Onigiri. These products usually are designed to look like healthy and fashionable foods.

More Water Options

A healthy diet contains a lot of water. At Natural Lawson you can find a larger variety of water than at a regular Lawson. You can find rare options like Deep Sea Water, Fiji Water and Onsen Water from several prefectures of Japan that all claim to come with additional health benefits.

Healthy Snack Options

Unlike regular convenience stores that sell chocolate, potato chips and cookies in their snacks section Natural Lawson is more focused on “healthy” snacks like dried fruits and nuts. Although they also sell some of the regular snacks.

Medicine and Cosmetics

Whereas in a regular Lawson you can only the find a bare minimum when it comes to medicine and cosmetics, Natural Lawson has a small drug store like section where you can find a decent selection of over the counter medicine, shampoo, face and body care products.

Natural Lawsons are not as common as regular Lawsons but if you see one during your travels in Japan it might be an interesting experience to explore the differences. If you have certain dietary requirements Natural Lawson might be one of the few places in Japan where you can reliably find the products you need.

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