Writer: Katariina

I’m from Finland, the country of forests and lakes. In 2009 I traveled to Japan for the first time. As it was a short culture exchange experience trip, I was lucky to take part in activities such as Tea ceremony, kimono fitting, calligraphy and onsen. I met many wonderful and kind people. I returned to Japan also in 2011, and 2013.. After University in UK, I ended up in Japan. Living happily in Okinawa since 2014. I love to travel and take short trips in different prefectures in Japan. I enjoy eating (!) and writing, although I’m prone to absent-mindedness at times. My project for the time being is to get more involved in Japanese lifestyle and study more Japanese (especially Kanji.. ) and to pass JLPT level N2 -test.
Mysterious Maki-do Cave
Okinawa Neo Park