Writer: Vi Phan

Vi Phan
My name is Vi. I used to work as a professional instructor of both Vietnamese (for foreigners) and English (for Vietnamese people). This job gave me a lot of opportunities to meet students from many different countries. In 2011, after finishing the program of M.A. degree in applied linguistics, I continued attending a Chinese language program in National Central University under the sponsorship of Taiwanese government. In 2013, I followed my husband, a Japanese man, to Nashville, Tennessee where he finished his LL.M program. I traveled a lot around the U.S. and learn much about the South American culture. I returned Japan in the summer of 2014 but couldn't speak any single Japanese words. Of course, I have dealt with no few of culture shocks and language shocks but I have never given up. I love Japanese people and Japanese civilized life, so I have tried very hard to learn about Japanese language and Japanese culture. After passing N2 of JLPT, I feel more confident to recognize myself as a part of Japanese society. Currently, I am working as a part-time Vietnamese teacher and a freelance translator. In my free time, I like to travel, read books and write about what I have been experiencing.
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