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My name is Vi. I used to work as a professional instructor of both Vietnamese (for foreigners) and English (for Vietnamese people). This job gave me a lot of opportunities to meet students from many different countries. In 2011, after finishing the program of M.A. degree in applied linguistics, I continued attending a Chinese language program in National Central University under the sponsorship of Taiwanese government. In 2013, I followed my husband, a Japanese man, to Nashville, Tennessee where he finished his LL.M program. I traveled a lot around the U.S. and learn much about the South American culture. I returned Japan in the summer of 2014 but couldn't speak any single Japanese words. Of course, I have dealt with no few of culture shocks and language shocks but I have never given up. I love Japanese people and Japanese civilized life, so I have tried very hard to learn about Japanese language and Japanese culture. After passing N2 of JLPT, I feel more confident to recognize myself as a part of Japanese society. Currently, I am working as a part-time Vietnamese teacher and a freelance translator. In my free time, I like to travel, read books and write about what I have been experiencing.

How and What Japanese Eat to Maintain Youth

So what on earth do the Japanese people do to maintain their youthful looks? Food selection and eating habits are the basic know-hows, especially for ladies. Most Japanese ladies possess a timeless beauty with a fit body shape and fair complexion by the age of 40. They get this not only because of what they eat but also how they eat.

Japanese Eating and Drinking Etiquette

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms, ultramodern technology, sake, and the world's most polite people, is a very civilized country and their citizens like to set up rules and strictly follow them. Eating and drinking etiquettes are typical examples of their rule-oriented living style. In addition, Japanese people create interesting eating and drinking rules which surprises many tourists.

Lessons Learned from the Japanese

In Japan, etiquette is the main imperative, people slurp their noodles really loud, buying souvenirs for everyone is of extreme importance and being shy, not expressive, is the main behaviour. It is certainly a different culture that fascinates many people outside the country. So what can we learn by studying Japanese mannerisms?

Japan's Healthiest Vegetables

Japanese dishes are very healthy because they are made from the harmonious combination of seasonal vegetables. Besides the local types of vegetables, other types of vegetables that Japanese people often eat in daily meals are from all over Asia.

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