Writer: Joey Furukawa

Joey moved to Japan from London in 2009. With a background in marketing and an interest in Japanese design and living, she cannot get enough of getting outside and exploring Yokohama and Tokyo. Now with a family in tow she is happily settled in the suburbs of Yokohama.

Tokyo Station with the Kids

We usually find ourselves near Tokyo station in the winter months. The illuminations and the festive trees pitted against the cosy street market are often enough of a drawcard to get us there, but what kept us there this year was a mix of kid-friendly interactive displays, the wholesome food and informative exhibits.

Kaldi - The Ultimate Japanese Pantry

With a tagline like, fresh roasted coffee and worldwide finds, you might be fooled into thinking that it is a waste of time to stop by this store on a trip to Japan. With pockets of products from all regions in Japan, it is one of my favourite shops to browse, and dare I say, dig through. Kaldi Coffee Farm is here for you!

Kidzania: Putting Your Kids to Work in Tokyo

Kidzania lists itself as an edutainment center where kids can be leaders, make rules and rely on each other to join forces and build a kids-led community. The Mexico-based company now has spread across the globe and there is a strong following of little workers in Tokyo and Osaka locally and in many of the world’s top travel locations too. Just look at Kidzania London, Kidzania Seoul or Kidzania Dubai. All have ignited the imaginations of their youthful patrons and worked their way into the hearts and wallets of many doting parents.

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