Writer: Steven Askew

Steven Askew
My name's Steven Askew. I came to Japan in 1999 and spent three years working in Noboribetsu onsen, on the JET program. After my contract expired I was lucky enough to find a job at a private Christian girls' school in Sapporo. With a  few years experience under my belt, they let me attend university part time to acquire my Japanese teacher's licence, which allowed me to work as a regular Japanese teacher. I have been a high school homeroom teacher for the last five years and I love every minute of it - even the work, the tears and the stress. I have a Japanese wife and a three year old daughter. After so many years you wouldn't think I'd still get culture shock, but it comes and goes. I love this country, though, and the people who have allowed me to make it my home. I want to try and share some of that love with you.
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