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The Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo is known as the best and the oldest zoo in Japan, which is located in Ueno Park, Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government managed this Ueno zoo. Ueno zoo was opened for public since 20 March 1882. This zoo is divided into two areas, the east area and the west area. Why you must visit Ueno zoo then? There are about 2600 individuals of 460 species of animals in this zoo. The most attractions of this zoo are the Sumatran tiger, western lowland gorilla, and the giant panda. Not only that, but there are also the other animals, such as Asian elephants, Reticulated giraffes, American bison, red foxes, bats, tapirs, Llama, hippos, crocodiles, pelicans, lemurs, kangaroos, polar bears, and etc.



This is the most attractive one! I really love the entrance of it.


Not only that, but you can also know some information about this giant panda there.


Finally here it is, the Giant Panda that you can see in this Ueno Zoo!


Isn’t it cute? I recommend you to go to this Ueno zoo with your family too see this cute giant panda!


This attraction is also my favorite one! In this area, you will be able to see about 40 Japanese monkeys, the silliness and the funny behavior of them. I can say that you will laugh when you see them. This place was completed in 1931. Here are some photos of the Monkey Hill.


“Hu..ha.. I see you that you see me” haha.. Looking at their silly face can make you laugh. This monkey hill is also the most attractive area in this Ueno zoo. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to pet them or give some food to them.


Here is the Llama that attracts so many visitors there too. Have you ever seen Llama before?


Don’t stay too close with this Llama! Hahaha..


As I said before, this tiger is the most attractive animals in this Ueno zoo. Here is the photo of it! Feeling a little bit scared?



The next one is the gorilla. You will be able to see it in this Ueno zoo too!


Keep calm and see the way they walk and see you. Hahaha…


In this Ueno zoo, you can also see so many types of birds in the world, with the information of them too. My favorite one is the flamingos! I love the color of them and the shape of them. So lovely!




Those are the most attractive areas in this Ueno zoo, isn’t it really lovely? If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, I recommend you to visit this zoo with your beloved family and children. It will be such an interesting experience! If you want to visit there, it will open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm, the last admission is at 4.00 pm. For the ticket’s price, you must pay 600 yen for adults (15-64 years old), 300 yen for senior citizens, and 200 yen for children (12-14 years old). At last, enjoy your time with your family and children at this cool Ueno zoo in Tokyo! For detail information, please visit this link.

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