Okinawa Neo Park

This unusual zoo is located in the north part of Okinawa, Nago-shi. It is a really nice place to spend a few hours of the day during any season. Especially good for families and animal lovers!

The interesting part about this zoo to me was that many of the animals are running free, instead of sitting in a cage. I saw wallabis, and many types of birds (flamingoes, pelicans) moving around happily in the park. The walk around the park is also enjoyable, as it is bit like a walk through a forest or a nature park. You will feel refreshed!

The zoo area is not that big but it consist of different areas.


Next to entrance you walk to the ’African zone’, which has various kinds of birds that run and fly free. Okinawa itself has very few bird species and they are rarely seen or heard. So take your time here! Bird’s food can be purchased too, and you can feed the birds.



The route takes you next to the ’Amazon Jungle’ area. You can see more birds there and walk through a nice forest. You can see many plants too.


There is also an Under water tunnel, which is filled with big fish.

Petting zoo’ area is great if you want to have a closer look at the animals and touch them too. With a small cost, you can feed lovely Capybaras, see dogs and small house pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.



My personal favorite part was to feed the capybaras! They were really cute and happened to be hungry when I was feeding them.



The area has some other animals well, and kids can ride a turtle!


Around the Petting zoo, there is also a small snack bar/cafe where you can take a short break and enjoy something cold.

’Peccary ranch’ offers you some peccaries, which look like wild pigs/boars. They were just fed so they were still eating and kept a lot of noise actually! Fun to watch!


The route continues to the ’Oceania zone’ where you can see a Peacock, Ostrich, as well as lovely and curious Wallabies. These are smaller than kangaroos, and as they run free, they come near you.


Research center for international species conservation offers you some rare animals, such as sloths, monkeys and Tucan. Its purpose is to protect and breed rare wild life species.
There is also a Lama hill, where this funny Lama was running around providing some amusement.


The area has also Okinawa light railway station, where you can board the train with some extra fee. The train goes around the whole area.

Neo Park’s entrance fee is 660yen for adults. Children and young people get discounts. However, prepare to spend a little bit more as some parts of the zoo takes a separate admission fee, such as 300yen.

More info about directions and so on can be found here:

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