Writer: Preetha

I am from India. I am living in Gifu Prefecture with my husband from 2014 onwards.
After giving birth to our baby here, I am spending more time on writing about our trips, and other things that I saw and hear in this nation. I love the customs, traditions , festivals and all above that the places and foods of Japan. The beauty of Japan is always helping me in my hobbies of painting and writing. Also Japanese taste is encouraging a lot in my cooking.
Looking forward to know more and more new words in Japanese, hearing about unique customs and practices in Japan, discovering new means for enjoying our life in Japan.

Shinhotaka Ropeway – A Magnificent Winter Scenery Spot on Mt. Hotaka

The third tallest peaks of Japan named the Hotake Mountain are situated near the Takayama area of Gifu prefecture. It is a snow covered region attracting a lot of tourists in the spring and early summer season. One of the biggest ropeways of Asia is situated in these mountain ranges which takes us to the top of the Hotake Mountain with an altitude of 2156 meters.

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