Higashiyama Park

The Higashiyama Park of Nagoya is the place where Nagoya’s Zoo and the Botanical Gardens are situated. Apart from the zoo and botanical gardens, there is an amusement area for the kids, monorails to travel inside the park area, a huge sky tower etc. A small pond at the entrance of the park area has black swans swimming around and house pigeons walking in search for their food. This park area is divided into zoo and the botanical gardens. Once we enter inside, we will be walking towards the spacious zoo area with a number of animal and bird species residing inside. There are zones for animals from various parts of the world. Apart from the common zoo animals like Elephants, Camels, Giraffes, Rhinos, Deer, Tiger, Lion, Beers, Zebras etc., some variety species like Tapirs, Honey Badgers, Ant eaters, Lemurs etc. could be seen here. Dangerous carnivores are kept inside case and glass walls, while other animals are separated from the visitors using wooden fences. The area of Australian Koalas is an interesting part of this zoo, as the place has specially maintained trees for the Koalas to rest peacefully in between the barks of them.

There is a zone dedicated for the polar animals where the polar beers, penguins, seal, etc could be seen. This place is maintained with a cool atmosphere containing white walls and clear water bodies set in a rocky area. There is a special area for the apes with orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees and other monkey species playing around.


The bird’s zone is really interesting with some birds set freely in an area without any fences. Some pheasants, peacocks and cranes could be seen here which are all set free in this area between the entry and exit gates. Some of them come near the visitors and this provides a friendly atmosphere for all the visitors of this zoo. Other kinds of birds are kept in special cages, usually in pairs. The colourful big and small macaques, cranes etc. all are seen in different cages as we walk forward. The Japanese tropical Medaka fishes associated with the rice cultivating culture of Japan could be seen in large numbers and varieties in the Medaka Hall of the zoo area. Nocturnal beings and the snakes are kept in special areas of the zoo.

The amusement area situated at the bank of a small lake has a Ferris wheel, a sky tower and a flyer. There are coffee shops and resting areas at the bank of this lake so that visitors could rest after the long walk through the zoo. Pedal boats could be used in the lake and the monorails situated here take you to all attractions of the park area which could be enjoyed from the top.


The Children’s zoo has animals like rabbits, cow, horses, and hamsters etc. some of which are kept in the petting zone of this area. Associated with this zoo area, there is a small amusement area for the kids with various rides.




Moving to the other side of the park, we will be entering the botanical gardens. There are various plant varieties at both sides of this area. The small rose garden of this area has wide variety of rose plants adorned in various shapes and surrounded by other flowering plants at its borders.



The most important part of the botanical gardens is a green house with a pond infront of it. There are flower mats created with colourful flowering plants extending over the area leading to this greenhouse. The moderately large pond seen here has varieties of lotus and water lillies inside it. The green house is divided into three different areas. The desert plants like cactus, desert roses are seen in one area while the carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap, pitcher plants etc. could be seen in another part. There is an area with tropical plants also here plants and trees like mango, banana, etc. could be seen. This greenhouse is an interesting place of visit as we could see many unseen plant varieties and should experience the trapping techniques of the small carnivorous plants.


A Japanese style garden and the bamboo forest are also situated in aide area of this botanical zoo. Walking through the area to reach the Japanese gardens will take some time as it extends for a long distance. There are places with varieties of Sakura trees and a Chinese woodland area with Chinese tree varieties. The area of medicinal plants named the Tokai forest has a recreated natural forest area it hide plant species inside it.

A day at this park area is interesting, knowledge worthy as well as provides relaxation while spending time with the animals, birds and various plants along with some sort of enjoyments.

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