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4 Magnificent Buddha Statues of Aichi

The religion Buddhism has deep roots in Japanese culture beginning thousands of years ago. Present day, Japan is now the home of some of the most famous Buddha statues in the world. They are often referred to as "Daibutsu" meaning giant or grand Buddha. Aichi prefecture has some magnificent Daibutsu's which are less known to people but worth visiting. 

Hidden Buddha of Rakuyaji

For the first time since their creation in the Heian period (794-1192), the twenty Buddhist statues that have been preserved at Rakuyaji Temple (Koka City, Shiga Prefecture) were displayed to the public at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno in an exhibit titled The Secret Buddha of Rakuyaji. The statues at the Hidden Buddha of Rakuyaji exhibit at the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno were truly an experience that someone outside of a religious field would normally be unable to experience.

Nokogiriyama: A Break from Urban Life

Looking out over Tokyo from one of the many observation decks, it might seem like there is no end to the urban landscape. One skyscraper after another, it can seem like a long journey must be undertaken just to escape the hustle and bustle and find some greenery. Thankfully (for any nature or hiking lovers), Chiba prefecture is surprisingly easy to get to, and offers a lush green panorama very much contrasting that of downtown Tokyo.

Staying in a Buddhist Temple in Osaka

Air BnB is a wonderful thing. It’s added a completely different dimension to holiday accommodation. I’m a big fan. You can find all manner of weird and wonderful places, all over the world, and quite often for a lot less than a hotel. This in mind, a Buddhist temple probably still wouldn’t figure in your top 5 of places you can find on Air BnB (it sure wasn’t on mine), but here we are. Allow me to tell you the story of when I stayed at just such a place.

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