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Semi-Formal Kimono – The Forgotten Middle Child

Semi-formal kimono are the forgotten middle child of the kimono family. They’re like your business suit or little black dress. They’re a necessary part of every wardrobe for the few times you wear it, but they’re not as glamorous as the formal garments you may own. There also aren’t as many opportunities to wear them as your very casual clothes. Semi-formal kimono bridge the gap and they can be easy to overlook.

Inexpensive Maiko Encounters and Kimono Cosplay in Kyoto

Those who maintain venerable traditions are highly valued in Kyoto. Even though maiko and the older geiko are part of an exclusive high society, there are not enough new recruits anymore. In the renowned Gion area they dart out of taxis into teahouses at twilight, so there is little chance to stop them for a photo.

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