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Buri: A Winter's Delicacy in Kanazawa

If you've never had fresh yellowtail caught locally during the peak of winter, you must (it’s referred to as kan-buri (寒ブリ) which means “Winter Yellowtail”). It's incredibly tasty, and with a touch of soy sauce, it’s sheer melt-in-your-mouth savorlicious!

Koi as Japan's National Fish

“Koi” means Japanese carp. Koi is popular not only in Japan, but also among the world. As far back as, 2500 years, Koi was found in China and Eastern Asia. Japanese Koi fish, which is known as Nishikigoi in Japan is the National Fish of Japan. Not only that, but there is also a belief that these fishes can also bring you luck, if you raise them. So, let’s know more about these Japanese Koi Fish!

Pacific Coast Fishing Adventure

Japan has a deeply established maritime tradition. From the myths of its foundation (islands rising out of the sea as a product of the union of the primordial gods and goddesses) to the still world-leading harvesting and consumption of marine products, when you are in Japan, rivers, lakes, and of course, the ocean are ever-present themes in daily life.

A Stroll Through Tsukiji Market

For hundreds of years, Tsukiji market has been said to be the most celebrated food destination in Tokyo. The Tsukiji tour is not all about tuna auction, but it covers the world cheapest delicious sushi sampling, controversial big whale species tasting, plus a visit to traditional Japanese kitchenware suppliers that have been around for generations.

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