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One-Thousand-Year-Old Performance Art: Rakugo Comedy Show

A rakugo (落語) show is essentially an equivalent of the Western one-man comedy show, where a guy tells humorous stories to the audience. But rakugo is much more than just stand-up comedy! The rakugoka–this is what the rakugo performer is called–is basically a mix of an actor, a storyteller and a comedian who can tell jokes and make facial expressions.

Experience the Meditative Effects of Traditional Japanese Arts with Makie Lacquer Painting in Kyoto

One such art is Maki-e, (蒔絵) a traditional Japanese lacquer painting. Maki means “sprinkling” and e means "picture". It is the most basic technique of a pattern of lacquerware making that is traditionally painted on plates, trays, mirrors, cups, boxes and other objects made from bamboo or wood, but also sometimes paper, leather or basket materials.

Top Traditional Japanese Arts & Crafts

Depending on the history, customs and practices, there will be various important festivals, arts and other features owned by every society. In Japan, we can see so many such customs, festivals, crafts and arts. Among the most famous are bonsai, origami, ikebana, etc.

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