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Japanese & English – The Differences in Words and Styles

Japanese & English – The Differences in Words and Styles

Before I came to Japan, I heard from my colleagues that Japanese is really difficult to learn, but with the right amount of hard work, I was able to learn to speak and use it well. Japanese is certainly different from English, such as their writing style, sentence structures, grammar, etc. Today, let’s learn a little more about those differences.

37 Essential Words and Phrases for Visiting the Doctor in Japan

Seeing a doctor in Japan is usually not too much trouble, even if you don’t speak Japanese. Here are some useful phrases and words you may need depending on your problem, some common kanji you’ll see at clinics and hospitals, and how to tell the difference between a hospital and a clinic, as well as some additional information.

Don't Mix Them Up! – 7 Pairs of Japanese Words That Sound Similar

What with new sounds, grammar that’s entirely different from English, and three writing alphabets that take years to master, Japanese is considered a very hard language to learn. However, it can also be easy in places, and for people interested in visiting or living in the country, speaking it is a valuable skill.

Essential Japanese Words for Eating Out!

It's also a great opportunity to try and speak a little of the local language; showing your interest and respect for the home culture whilst (usually!) making the eatery staff smile. So let's grab some handy Japanese foodie phrases and hit the soba shop, izakaya, sushi bar and beyond!

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