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Tips for Traveling in Japan with Young Children

The list of things that you’re responsible to do when doing anything with children however just keeps on growing. So, compiled here is a little list of things that might make it a tad bit easier for you on your visit to the land of the rising sun.

Kidzania: Putting Your Kids to Work in Tokyo

Kidzania lists itself as an edutainment center where kids can be leaders, make rules and rely on each other to join forces and build a kids-led community. The Mexico-based company now has spread across the globe and there is a strong following of little workers in Tokyo and Osaka locally and in many of the world’s top travel locations too. Just look at Kidzania London, Kidzania Seoul or Kidzania Dubai. All have ignited the imaginations of their youthful patrons and worked their way into the hearts and wallets of many doting parents.

Acchi, Muite, Hoi: The New Japanese Children's Game

Rock-paper-scissors is, hands down, the most popular game among Japanese school children. But even the most interesting game in the world can grow stale after a thousand hands or more. When this happens, the only thing to do is to iterate the game. Which brings us to acchi muite hoi!

Making Udon Noodles is Child's Play

Sensei Awesome, which is the nickname we have given my daughter’s teacher, invited the parents to come for a day of udon noodle making at school. Kids and their parents were given the opportunity to make hand-made udon noodles and they were fabulous!

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