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Pudding in a Bucket!

Can you imagine my joy when I was wondering the aisles of my local Don Quixote shop, admittedly after a few drinks, and I came across the bucket pudding! How many are you going to attempt?

Top 10 Traditional Japanese Snacks (Dagashi)

Hi everyone and welcome to Taiken Japan, where we'll be talking about cool and interesting things to do in Japan. Today, we're gonna talk about traditional Japanese snacks or dagashi. I'll be eating several dagashi and ranking them.

This Stunning Video Will Make You Want to Get Lost in Japan

With this video I tried to describe some of the infinite emotions that I felt there. The traditions, the culture and the people, everything absorbs you and draws your attention. Become overwhelmed and lose your travel plan. So you can get lost: Lost In Japan.

Kokeshi Dolls

Have any of you got a glimpse of colorful wooden dolls being sold outside an Onsen/Hot-spring.

Lake Akan National Park

Lake Akan, or Akanko, was designated a national park and is located in eastern Hokkaido. The lake is believed to have been formed by volcanic activity, and is sandwiched between Oakandake and Meakandake. Autumn leaves are very beautiful, and the lake is also known for natural monuments such as marimo (spherical moss) and Kokanee salmon. Marimo is a kind of green algae that grows in freshwater. Similar algae can be found in Northern Europe, Russia, and North America. Akanko's marimo are famous for their spherical shape. While visiting Akanko you can hear strange sounds through the streets.  They are made by the Ainu musical instrument called mukkuri. The tone is almost […]

Asahiyama Zoo: The Best Zoo in Japan

At Asahiyama Zoo, located in the suburbs of Asahikawa, Hokkaido, penguins swim overhead as if flying in the sky, orangutans move around as if walking in the air, and lesser pandas cross the suspension bridge... The zoo attracts attention by introducing "the action display" that reproduced natural behavior and life of animals and it has been a sightseeing spot with a national high-profile and popularity now. In 2013, "a giraffe building and a hippopotamus building" were newly completed. At the giraffe building, you can watch closely giraffes from the unprecedented height of their eyes and feet. On the other hand, a farm is built each indoors and outdoors in the […]

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