Pudding in a Bucket!

I have a very large appetite. My brother says I have “portion control issues”, whatever that means. So, you can imagine my joy when I was wondering the aisles of my local Don Quixote shop, admittedly after a few drinks, and I came across the bucket pudding! At that moment the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight hit the display. Well, it didn’t, because it was night, but I was very happy and I bought two of them. My brother was coming for the Christmas vacations and I thought it might be one of the things on his bucket list! Ha ha. At 2,580 yen each they were not cheap, but he’s worth it.


The pudding needs to be left for about ten hours to set so it has to be made the night before. Opening the bucket (I love saying that word) you will find a packet of pudding mix and a packet of syrup. You are also going to need two liters of milk for each pudding. How many are you going to attempt?

Find a pan large enough. Add the milk and whisk in the pudding mix. If you are as stupid as I am you will have tipped all two liters in one pan and it is going to take absolutely ages to bring to the boil. Be extremely careful because it will catch on the bottom very easily and the taste of burnt milk is impossible to get out.


Once it has come to a boil, switch the heat off before it all overflows and tip it into the bucket. Ideally you should then put it in the fridge for ten hours. Wait a while before you put it in the fridge because the hot pudding will drastically raise the temperature of your fridge. Owing to uncontrollable circumstances (my wife) I wasn’t able to use my fridge. Luckily it was the middle of winter and below zero outside so I just left the bucket on the balcony.


The weigh in. The 1.9 liter pudding came in at 2.1 kg. Take off 100 g for the bucket and you’ve got yourself a two-kilogram pudding!


It slid out of the bucket very smoothly and was a thing of beauty. My brother and I stood there speechlessly for about five minutes.


Then, with the syrup on top, it looked exactly like a normal pudding, except 20 times bigger! I don’t think I had been that happy since my daughter was born!


My brother and I, sat at the table with black coffees ready to counteract the sweetness. The timer set, we began. The first few bites were incredible. It is pudding. As delicious as any pudding you have ever eaten. The syrup is thick and the first half of the pudding is gone before you even realize it.


The second kilogram gets a little more difficult. It’s like the old adage: “a little of something is good for you but two kilograms might make you a bit sick”. I found myself slowing down in the last quarter but once I could see the bottom of the plate I got my second wind and rushed to the end in ten minutes! A victory that should rank up there with some of the best athletic feats.


My brother wasn’t finding it such easy going and was almost sick on numerous occasions. However, being the standup guy he is, he pushed through and managed to keep it all down, finishing in 23 minutes. It was quite an experience. One he said he would never like to repeat. I did. I decided to try for a 3 kg pudding a few weeks later that actually ended up being 3.6 kg. Now that almost killed me.

If you’re feeling hungry and you could do with some pudding, I heartily recommend the bucket pudding.

If you’d like to watch the video of my brother and I attempt the pudding you can see it here:

And, if you’d like to see me attempt a 3.6 kg pudding you can check below:

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