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Pudding in a Bucket!

Can you imagine my joy when I was wondering the aisles of my local Don Quixote shop, admittedly after a few drinks, and I came across the bucket pudding! How many are you going to attempt?

Animal Cafes

Surprisingly, animal cafes, or the concept of a café or restaurant where you dine with a feathered or furry friend, isn’t originally from Japan but Taiwan. Still, there’s no denying it’s the Japanese that launched the idea into the mainstream, and we can thank the popularity of cat/reptile/bird cafés in Tokyo for the range of popup animal cafés across Europe, America and beyond.

The Oh So Discreet Love Hotels of Japan

You can’t miss a Love Hotel. They usually look like something from Disney with gaudy designs and names that may have a double entendre.If you are driving and do actually want to be discreet for that afternoon tryst, the car parks are always tucked away and I have even seen registration plates covered over in some. Don't be shy, just go in and have a look.

The Robot Restaurant: Everything and More

One of my most vivid memories my first week in Japan was the sight of two giant fembots being lugged around by a Hummer on the streets of Shinjuku. The restaurant / cabaret show garners a sparkling 4.5 star average on Tripadvisor, earning almost universal praise since its debut in 2012.

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