Writer: PH Chua

A food enthusiast and a lover of world culture, among many others, PH is now in Japan for the fourth time as a Graduate Student. She decided to indulge in her first love - writing, as she embarks on a journey of discovering herself and the world between her passion of the arts and her studies on international affairs.


Aore Nagaoka City Hall: Public Service At Its Best

Aore Nagaoka is a masterpiece structure based on art and convenience. Designed by world-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, it’s no wonder that this government office has become a tourist destination. It does not only serve aesthetic purposes but effectively caters to the needs of both locals and tourists. Every detail speaks not only of beauty but also function.

Cheap Chinese Delights

Here in Japan, Chinese restaurants usually do not have an exact highlighted dish unlike specialty restaurants such as a soba or curry restaurant. But they would most likely serve set meals (teishoku) and ramen. Let me share my three favorite Chinese restaurants in the neighbourhood of Minami Uonuma.

The Adorable Kuma Café

I know myself pretty well and I can certainly say that I am not the sugary cute type. Well, there may be different ways to define what cute is but let us take a more general (if not stereotypical) image: pink, fluffy, colorful, tiny, etc.

Zen: The Art of Letting Go

At present, Zen has become a common term to identify Japanese landscapes, fixtures and instrumental music. When you walk along the streets of foreign cities, you would probably see signboards like “Zen massage”, “Zen furniture”, “Zen – authentic Japanese food” among many others. It has gradually evolved into a convenient word to describe something Japanese which usually refers to something minimalistic in style.

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