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5 Cheat Codes for Chuuka Restaurants

You can find restaurants of world-wide cuisines in Japan, and while they are all establishments doing business in Japan, there might be some cultural differences you can take advantage of, especially at the smaller family owned restaurants. Given my personal background and experiences, I’d like to share with you 5 tips you can try the next time you visit a Chinese, or more accurately, a Chuuka restaurant here in Japan.

8 Must-Try Chuuka Dishes

The delicious wonders of the Japanese-Chinese restaurants, aka Chuuka restaurants, have been thoroughly explored in my previous article. There are many reasons why the foods don’t taste as authentic as the real Chinese cuisines, but the food is undeniably cheap and delicious. Today, let’s discover 8 of the common staples at the Chuuka establishments. The items here are all amazing items to choose. I listed in no particular order, so feel free to try them all!

Chuuka Restaurants: Chinese Food with a Japanese Twist

In Japan, most “Chinese” restaurants are only as authentic as most Chinese food in western countries: which is not very much. No matter if they are labeled “Hong Kong cuisines”, “Shang-hai cuisine” or “Taiwan cuisine”, most of these restaurants are selling the same kind of thing called Chuuka cuisine.

How to Be Genki

When I think of the word genki (元気), two images spring to mind. First, the swimmers splashing around Zushi Beach one cold January morning, not a wetsuit in sight. Second, the man striding past me—shoeless—up Mount Fuji. Genki desu (元気です).

Cheap Chinese Delights

Here in Japan, Chinese restaurants usually do not have an exact highlighted dish unlike specialty restaurants such as a soba or curry restaurant. But they would most likely serve set meals (teishoku) and ramen. Let me share my three favorite Chinese restaurants in the neighbourhood of Minami Uonuma.

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