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The Top 5 Must-see Pet Cafes in Harajuku

Animals of all types harbor inside the walls of these themed establishments, giving customers a worthwhile experience. For first-timers, the amount of activity going on in the area can be overwhelming, so this article will try to help you navigate around. Here are a few of the best animal cafés we at Taiken Japan recommend you visit.


5 Great Shopping Spots Near Akihabara Station

For days when you’re in the area and in the mood for something different, Akiba is also home to many low-key spaces where you can enjoy the other parts of Tokyo’s consumption landscape, such as clothes and accessory shopping, fancy restaurants, and bookstores. In this article, I suggest five spaces to head to when searching for a different vibe in Akihabara.

5 Best Coffee Shops in Fukuoka

When I visited Fukuoka, I got my hands on a magazine that listed the best local coffee shops in the area, and I spent my time there going to as many of these cafes as I could. It was amazing. So amazing that I want to share with you five of my favorite coffee shops in Fukuoka with the hope that you too will visit them and be blown away. Please keep in mind that this top-five list is based upon my opinion, and that the order I have chosen to present these cafes is in no way meant to rank them. So, here we go: Five of Fukuoka’s Best Coffee Shops.

5 Coffee Shops in Kyoto Worth Visiting

As coffee becomes more popular nowadays, it is not rare to find someone craving for a cup of coffee in the morning before they start the day–even while they are traveling. Luckily, Kyoto has several coffee shops that offer its tourist wide range of choice – from the local one to the multinational one. Here are five coffee shops in Kyoto you may want to consider to visit before you start your day exploring Arashiyama or Kiyomizu-dera.

Traditional Tea and Wagashi in the Heart of Tokyo: The Kosoan Tea House

From all outside appearances, Kosoan looks like it could just be a residential home. It’s also a little tricky to know if you’re in the right spot, save for a small wooden plaque with the business name and the word “entrance” with an arrow to guide your way. It’s worth the effort to find it though, since once you follow that arrow you’ll be transported to a spot of peace and tranquillity despite still being in the heart of the metropolis.

Tokyo’s Very Own Snoopy Museum

If you grew up speaking English, it is very likely that reading the Peanuts comic strip was a staple in your childhood. Illustrated by Charles M Schulz, the Peanuts comic series has been called one of the greatest and most influential comic strips in history. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and friends are characters familiar to those who have read the comic strip. The Snoopy Museum, Tokyo is located in Roppongi!

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