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Katsura Imperial Villa

Said to be one of the finest examples of Japanese architectural and design tradition in its purest form, Katsura Imperial Villa truly is a sight to behold for those who love architectural and traditional arts. As one of Japan’s most cherished treasures, a visit to Katsura is a truly enriching experience.

The Haven of Matsugamine Catholic Church

Religion is a cultural form of beliefs and practices to maintain a custom that started from the aged era. Japan, as well as the people, highly honors the ancient practices and culture. Japanese people are open to embracing other types of religions in the world. One of the oldest churches I have found was the Matsugamine Church in Utsunomiya City.

Osaka: Japan’s Newest Tourist Hotspot

Osaka is an attractive modern city in Japan with an interesting mix of traditional buildings and modern architecture. It is famous for its relaxed down-to-earth people, sense of humour and colourful local dialect (known as Kansai-ben) and amazing food such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

Walking in Kobe

Kobe, to me, is an extremely convenient city. Not only in the terms of transport, but for travellers as well. It is perfectly fine to come to Kobe not knowing how to speak Japanese. There might even be guides around the busiest station, Sannomiya, just to help you with sightseeing! Even maps are placed practically everywhere for anyone who is lost.

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