Japan's longest Suspension Bridge: Mishima Skywalk

Whether you are a daredevil or not, Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka provides spectacular views of Mount Fuji and the surrounding Suruga Bay. On a clear day, I felt a little overwhelmed with the high-tech equipment that other Mishima visitors had brought along to capture the scenic views of of the Izu peninsular peaks. Snapping away without zoom lenses and a tripod, I soon realized that I was doing the intense red of the Japanese sunset a disservice. Should you go, a good time to visit the Mishima Skywalk is shortly before closing where the pedestrian footfall is low and the views of the multi-hued sunset are the best! A point to remember is that ticket sales end 30 minutes before closing, so you need to get there before 16:30.


The entry is 9:00 to 17:00 daily and tickets are easily purchased from the log ticket office in front of the park. It costs a cool 1000¥for adults and children under elementary age go free. Pensioners and school age students cost somewhere in between.


Not one for heights, I was weary of the 70.6 meter drop, but soon found that this sturdy Mishima suspension bridge hardly had any wobble-factor at all, probably due to the crowds having dissipated nearer closing time. In fact if at all apprehensive, take comfort in the fact that my 4 year old crossed it without so much as a flicker of fear and excitedly skipped across it on the way back to the starting point.


Costing some 4 billion yen to create, Fujico Corporation began its construction in 2012 and it was opened to the public in December 2015 last year. It is hoped to be the next big thing in Mishima and the 400 meter walkway surpasses that of the Kokonoe Suspension Bridge in Oita Prefecture. By 10 meters to be exact. At 1.6 meters wide it is wide enough to allow two wheelchairs to pass side-by-side. The entertainment and dining corporation, Fujico, hopes that the Mishima Skywalk complex will draw up to 1,8 million visitors annually. Those visiting the area with pets will need to hire a pet-cart at 500¥ if you wish to take them across the Mishima Skywalk and baby prams are allowed as well.


With information in both English and Japanese it was easy to navigate the site which have the best toilets I have visited in Japan and an impressive Sky Garden complete with hanging chandeliers of flowers. It is a good time to buy some ichigodaifuku, a fresh Japanese delicacy of strawberries wrapped in soft mochi, and take in the breathtaking ceiling of flowers while those that wish to examine the Skywalk shop do so. Other eateries in the Sky Garden sell fresh smoothies and juices at 831JUICE and breads and pizza-folds at PAOLINA. Along with the edibles were Japanese souvenirs including wooden carvings and Japanese green tea and amount Fuji memorabilia. Much of the craft work is local to the Shizuoka region.


Mishima Skywalk has been the start of our Japanese Bridge adventure course and next on our bucket list of crazy Japanese bridges is Eshima Ohashi which has a ridiculously steep incline and has been nicknamed Japan’s Rollercoaster Bridge.


Address: 411-0012 Mishima, Shizuoka Sasaharashinden

Mishima Skywalk website 

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