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golden hot spring bath at Shimizu-yu

Musashi Koyama Onsen – Historic Onsen in Tokyo

One of the rare onsens in Tokyo with natural hot spring water can be found in Musashi Koyama, Shinagawa. Shimizu-yu or Musashi Koyama Onsen not only provides two types of natural hot springs: kuroyu or black spring water and kogane-no-yu or golden spring water, but is also a historical gem that has been running its hot spring baths since 1924.

Jigokumushi – Beppu’s “Hell-Steamed” Food

Jigokumushi (地獄蒸し, literally means "Hell Steam"), is what this cooking method is called. A very simple yet unique way of cooking that has been practiced since the Edo Period. Jigokumushi restaurants are popular for tourists coming to the Kannawa area, which main attractions are the Jigoku of Beppu, boiling ponds that are open for viewing. In some of these restaurants, customers could also try cooking the food themselves, an interesting experience when you go with friends or family.

The Smoking Valley of Owakudani, Hakone

Owakudani, written as 大涌谷, in Japanese means "Great Boiling Valley". It is both poetic and a bit mysterious. The valley was created in the result of a Mt. Hakone eruption around 3000 years ago, and still experiences volcanic activity. It is mostly safe, nevertheless. The Tourist Center was closed between 2015 and 2016, but now it is available again, as well as the Hakone ropeway.

Bathe in a Cave at Kabeyu Onsen

The place is called Kabeyu Onsen. I had to drive through continuous mountains in the western part of Oita Prefecture to get there. Kabeyu Onsen is located on a wider road, though the bath itself is located a bit below, next to a river.

5 Onsens in Kyoto

Kyoto onsen trip! Anyone in? Whether it is to start your day, end you day or to take a break from all the sightseeing, it is nice to go to the onsen and refresh yourself.

Fukiage onsen makes the best soak for free!

Experience ‘hadaka no tsukiai' at Fukiage onsen - where locals mix with tourists in a natural onsen under the trees. Too shy for a soak? Just walk down and dip a toe in these magical waters. Soaking in Fukiage costs nothing and will enrich your skin with minerals and your mind with memories.

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