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Ai-ai Gasa : Japanese Love Umbrellas!

The phrase "Ai Ai gasa" seems really an interesting usage related to the rainy days and the umbrella. There are some rain phrases and words that have the word 'kasa' or 'gasa' which all are associated with our day to day life.

Words and Characters You Should Know When Going to Japan

Learning bits and pieces of a language before you go abroad is a whole adventure in itself. A warm "thank you" or "hello" when in a shop or restaurant can do the world of good, and the locals will appreciate it. Many countries in Asia have different writing systems as well as spoken languages; Japanese has three alphabets, all of which are used daily in written Japanese.

Japanese Lessons at Yamaguchi University

Living in Japan is a wonderful and very exciting experience. Japan is such a different world and a bit of a culture shock for new arrivals, but its history, tradition, festivals and wonderful food will soon make you a very happy resident! However, what foreigners also quickly realize is that English is not a frequently spoken language in Japan, which means that you are likely to face a few obstacles if you do not speak any Japanese.

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